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Today, SEO is the most important tool for your website marketing. Search engines are the path in which your potential customers find your offerings. Hence, it is essential to incorporate search engine optimization in your business marketing plan. Many companies hire individuals for SEO operations and few believe in hiring a single SEO firm for all the optimization. But, if you are a beginner then it will be difficult to decide what you should choose, in-house SEO or a SEO firm. Let this article make your work simple through giving you little detail about both the options.

To establish a business you need to have an efficient team dedicated to your company and they should also be utterly professionals. If you hire a SEO firm then you get a team of experts who knows every tit-a-bit about the whole SEO process. When you go for a single person for the whole work then it is like doing a medical test through information collected from internet without going to the doctor. As this is risky for your health same is a single SEO can be risky for your business' health. Following are few comparison parameters where you can get a brief idea about the in house and outsource SEOs.


Today success is all about having more information. The more info you have the more successful you are. SEO is an ever changing business. There isn't any certain algorithm for search engines; hence SEOs need to be alert all the time. If you have hired a particular firm for your SEO then it's there very work to update about the latest SEO trends. But it becomes difficult for a single person to do all the research along with the work.

Team Work

Many companies believe that it's cheaper to hire a professional SEO than hiring a SEO company. Ironically, it's a myth. If you hire an individual, then he will take more time to perform a single work and you have to pay for the total time taken by him. Whereas, in case of a company where your work gets done by several professionals in a single package.

Less Stress

Hiring a company is always a stress free project for any company. If you have hired an individual SEO professional then your work will be dependent on a single person and how much he/she can stretch. It makes your work sometimes difficult to carry forward. But, when you hire a specialized SEO firm you pay them in monthly or yearly basis, and this makes your stress free as there are many working in your project.

Result Matters

In this article, I don't intent to question anybody's professional abilities but it is a general description about an individual and a group. SEO is important for the growth of your business hence you should be very careful while choosing your SEO professional or company. Get as many references as you can and check them carefully before jumping to any decision.


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