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Soy Candles brings to you one of the finest collection of soya wax candles, using the best soy waxes to hand pour our candles with the most exotic and fragrant aromas. Available in a variety of colours to suit any time of the year and with any fashionable decor. Soy wax used in making these candles is being imported from USA which is from 100% pure soya oil.

The owner is having 25 years experience in soya products and FMCG products. Our candles are great for everyday use and they add a graceful note to formal table settings. They can instantly transform any ordinary room into one that is full of life and spirit. They can enhance every setting and enrich every experience. We use pure HERBAL ESSENTIAL OIL for aromatherapy for reducing various ailments.

The moods and energy that our candles can create are endless.

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