Custom Mobile Application Development Company in Delhi NCR

Great ideas require technologies and representation for a seamless experience to its users. It enables a higher level of engagement and conversion of users. We at Net Soft Solutions, the mobile app development company in Delhi, are working with latest technologies for native and hybrid mobile apps and deliver mobile app solutions which works as per the client’s business strategy.

The Scope of Mobile Application (App) Development is not limited to just an appealing user interface. We at Net Soft Solutions, do mobile app development with understanding customer experiences, usage pattern, design and integration with web services, data flow, security, quality assurance, testing, and continuous management of content.

Our Capabilities

  • Business App
  • Healthcare Apps
  • CRM App with Real Time Tracking
  • Sales Management Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • HR Apps
  • HR Apps
  • Social Networking Apps

Our Technologies

Android App Development

Our team at Net Soft Solutions, the android app development company in Delhi, have proficiency in android software development kit (SDK), mobile payments, Geo-location, android media APIs, OpenGL for graphics, android security architecture and other relevant technologies to build a robust android app. We also develop android tablet and android watch specific applications.

iOS App Development

We keep the track of advancement in iOS and its app development environment. As team at Net Soft Solutions, has delivered apps for iPhone, we keep it upgraded as per the client requirements and keep it implemented with new iPhone apps. We are in process of integration of tools like ARKit, barcode recognition, business chat, new graphic framework, apple pay and many more.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Net Soft Solutions, as a hybrid mobile app development company, has the capabilities to work with phonegap, xamarin and ionic frameworks for delivering an awesome and cost effective mobile app. With hybrid, it is easy for startups and other business to give its user option of their mobile app for higher engagement for their products and services. With hybrid technologies we offer a seamless experience in mobile apps.

Custom mobile app development is the process of building a mobile app that is tailored to meet the needs of your business solution through its unique features. The first step in custom mobile app development is to have a clearly defined idea. This is followed by a proper custom mobile app development plan, which outlines the various features and modules that will be developed in the app. The actual custom mobile app development starts thereafter through the use of suitable tools and technologies. The next step is the thorough testing of the mobile app to check for any bugs and vulnerabilities. Finally, the app is published on the app store and is ready to be downloaded and used by the users. A custom mobile app gives you complete control over the design elements, user interface, and overall user experience. Mobile apps can be broadly divided into three types: native, hybrid, and web apps, and development of each one involves utilizing different skills and methodologies. Your priorities and business objectives decide which app is best suitable for you. Security is a paramount concern in app development, especially for apps that handle sensitive user data or financial transactions. Scalability should be considered in terms of both the ability to handle increasing numbers of users and the ease of adding new features. An app may also be defined as a self-contained software package that allows users to perform specific tasks on a mobile device. If your target customers will frequently use your app in a personalized manner, a native app is a terrific way to achieve this.