E-Commerce App Development

Digital commerce today provides a convenient platform to buy and sell goods and services at a quicker, affordable, and more comfortable way than an offline market. With the advent of modern IT technology, the entire brick and mortar commerce arena revamped itself into e-Commerce, wherein people started shopping online with the very ease provided by their devices, that too in the very comfort of their home. e-Commerce websites which were once was a revolution has been commemorated by e-Commerce mobile application.

Selecting the right app development platform is a challenging task. You have to decide by knowing in and out of your business, development budget, choosing a native or hybrid app, and the Android/iOS platform that your target audience uses. e-Commerce mobile app can help your business dream come true as you can target the customers from across the world and you don’t have to travel to market for your brand. Businesses are changing their preferences to build an e-Commerce platform. They are choosing mobile apps instead of websites. These businesses mostly consist of startups.

To play safer and smarter as an e-Commerce businessman, you have to open the doors to the most popular payment methods. Credit card, debit card, net banking, and e-Wallets being at the top, ensure that you subtly push your customers towards using your app’s in-built wallet. The things you need to take care are Ease of Navigation of the user, the Uniqueness of your idea/concept, Accessibility, and lot more. The basis of an e-Commerce mobile app development lies in determining the buyer persona for your business. Analyze the behavior and patterns of your target audience. Know their digital age and their likes & dislikes. Give your brand the voice it deserves by soothing color schemes, appealing visuals, and smooth transitions for your customers from one page to another.

Social Media integration will ensure that your e-Commerce mobile app is right in front of your customers wherever they are. People seek simple and clear product navigation in any app they are using for purchase. Moreover, they want the cart and wishlist buttons to be accessed easily.

Apart from this, we help develop robust mobile applications with below essential features:

  • Fast app development & easy future upgrades
  • Integrated features like a secure dashboard, CRM, analytics, and more to meet end-user needs
  • Seamless UX/UI for customer retention and an increase in sales
  • Modern tools & technology like AR, chatbot, and voice search integrated for excellent user experience
  • SEO optimized features to rank in App Store search results and boost app marketing
    • An ecommerce app is a platform that allows users to shop online, browse product catalogs, create wish lists, add items to a cart, and complete purchases. In addition to this, they also provides payment processing, shipping, and order management capabilities.Ecommerce can be divided into 6 broad categories, which are Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), Business-to-Administration (B2A), Consumer-to-Administration (C2A). The main advantage of Ecommerce is its ability to reach a global market, without the need of a large financial investment. The product distribution chain is shortened to a large extent, as Ecommerce allows direct interaction between a business and the end customer, without the need of middlemen. Customers have the option of comparing a number of products before selecting the appropriate one based upon their needs and budgets. Applications of e-commerce include retail sales or online shopping, business-to-business transactions, and the sale of digital products through online stores. Ecommerce can bring down the costs per unit, as it eliminates the need for a large inventory of physical products on display in stores. The primary objective of ecommerce is to reach maximum customers at the right time and place to enhance sales and profitability of the business.