More Leads Mean More Sales!

Do you want to generate more leads for your online business? At Net Soft Solutions, we offer lead based marketing services via a strategic mix of SEO services and PPC Services. A lead is any person who visits your landing page and fills in the enquiry form, expressing an interest to know more about your product/service. The lead can be followed up with, because he fills in his contact details. Lead based marketing is a targeted approach to acquiring leads and is a highly effective form of Digital Marketing.

How Does Lead Based Marketing Work?

Online lead generation works in following phases.

Phase 1: Defining cost and quality of the leads

This is a 'pilot' phase. We design a search-friendly landing page, where your potential customers or leads will sign up to receive more information. The page is optimized and advertised on a low scale. This helps us to give you a good idea of the cost of lead generation and acquisition. This phase also helps us to analyze the quality of the leads and tweak the lead based marketing campaign as needed.

Phase 2: Final roll-out

After the successful completion of the pilot phase, we roll-out a larger, full-fledged Lead Based Marketing campaign to acquire leads. This includes:

  • Paid ads on Google, Facebook, Amazon and other Popular Platforms: We use the right keywords for your business, in the correct geographies to help you get the leads that you really want.
  • SEO services: Our strong SEO services ensure that your landing page gets a high ranking on all prominent search engines
  • Email Marketing: We have cultivated a large database of double opt-ins over the years. We can use this database to send emails and generate leads where appropriate.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We have a whole host of partner, affiliate sites in various geographies and for various interest groups for driving traffic to your landing pages.

Our lead generation services in India help you get the leads that you want - based on the geography and demographics you outline for us. Get a higher chance of converting them to sales than your competitors.