Net Soft Solutions is India's leading web designing and digital marketing company, and offers exclusive mobile website designing services.

In today's world, everybody is accessing the web on the move from their mobile devices. The shift to mobile first website designing is the most important factor in a website's accessibility. As mobile internet speeds continue to improve, and costs reduce across the world, no business can afford not to adopt a mobile first strategy.

What's Mobile First Web Design?

A website that is designed keeping the screen size and specifications of a mobile or smartphone in mind is mobile first website design. The mobile first design elements makes it easier to navigate, browse, research, shop, and buy from their mobile browser for both search engines and users.

Why Do You Need Mobile First Design?

Mobile first approach to website designing can give you significant edge by helping your potential customers to search and browse your website more easily than your competitor's.

Why Choose Net Soft Solutions for Mobile First Website Design

Enhanced User Experience

Our UI/ UX experts recognize that website designing for the mobile requires specific fonts, narrower layout, optimized images and careful choice of important elements that need to show up first.

Technical Expertise

Being a mobile first website design firm, we understand the importance of focusing on the following technical aspects - mobile wireframe, making touch targets prominent, using appropriate images and graphics, off-canvas navigation and more.

Optimized for Different Platforms

Maximum consumers do majority of their browsing, shopping, and searching for all services on mobile devices. We work to create a mobile first design, easily optimized for different platforms, capabilities and mobile browsers.

Enhanced Search Engine Indexing

During the development of a mobile first design, our development team ensures we follow Google’s best practices and guidelines for mobile first indexing. If your mobile website meets Google’s mobile first indexing requirements, you are more likely to have higher SERP rankings and pull in more traffic.