Stay Ahead !

At Net Soft Solutions, we prepare monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports that summarize the all activities for the client, and lists the ranking and link popularity of your website. These reports help track the progress of your website over a period of time, so you can see for yourself how the improvement in rankings has led to an increase in traffic. You should be able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) and our reports help you do just that. We monitor your website constantly so you don't have to.

The Business Benefits of Web Analytics

In simple terms, Web analytics is the study of online behaviour in order to improve it. Firstly it helps to identify those referral sources that generates most revenue for your business .Not just that. Information like which country your customers are from, which search engines they use, what landing page the customers lands in can also give you some valuable insights. But getting the customers to your site is just the first step. The ultimate aim is to get your customers to not just view your product (hits) but also to buy your product (converts). Maximizing the conversion rate is key to the game.

Logic Behind Web Analytics

A web Analytics solution can help you in understanding the web data to acquire new visitors, visit path analysis, visitor behavioural analysis, search terms / search engines driving you traffic , pages that are visited most , etc. and drive what is most important – your profit!

Web analytics can help you analyse the various key performance indicators that helps to drive your business by monitoring:

  • Traffic sources like which search engine ,frequent keywords and referral sites that bring you most traffic
  • The number of unique visitors who visit your site and the sessions they make
  • The number of page views and time spent on your page
  • The path which visitors followed while browsing